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CPP Deductions from Veterans Benefits

WOW, I knew that there was a law suit on going, and if you are a Veteran you likely got this:

Currently they are taking $1200 a month from me, and I have always thought paying into the CF Pension was a waste of time as it has been deducted for years:
Now an NDP MP has started a bill to stop these clawbacks, I like the second bill as it applies to this directly and I quote:
The second bill ends the unfair reduction of service pensions for retired and disabled Canadian Forces and RCMP veterans.
“The service pensions of Canadian Forces or RCMP members are unfairly offset when members begin to collect Canada Pension Plan benefits or if members become disabled and collect Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits,” stated Mathyssen. “This bill will end these unfair reductions.”
“For their service and sacrifice, veterans and their families deserve to be treated with financial dignity when they retire or become disabled,” said Johns.  “We also need to support our veterans, RCMP veterans, public sector workers and their families.  I am pleased to be able to second both these bills today to amend the discriminatory and unfair legislation we currently have.  
Feel free to share this with your local MP or any Liberal MP near you.  Thanks!


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